The 6 Benefits Of Exercise During & After Pregnancy

Musculoskeletal pain is common during pregnancy. Pain during pregnancy commonly occurs due to the effects of the hormone elastin on the musculoskeletal system which allows accommodation of a foetus as your child grows. The effects of elastin last up to 1 year following pregnancy so musculoskeletal pain may present following delivery. Common pregnancy related conditions include, spinal and pelvic pain together with pelvic floor dysfunction. Lots of our patients are unsure what is safe practice for exercise during this exciting time. This is where a qualified accredited exercise physiologist can help with prescribed safe exercise therapy. Given you are not experiencing any complications; there

Looking at starting barefoot running? Here are some helpful hints

Despite technological improvement in running footwear over the years, the incidence of running related injuries has not decreased. Furthermore matching runners and foot posture to shoe types too has not decreased injuries. Previously we needed to run for survival so looking at barefoot running maybe of benefit. Barefoot running encourages ball of foot contact with the ground while running. This results in shorter strides, higher cadence and softer landing while running. Shorter strides reduce loads experienced by the body while running which may help prevent injuries. Barefoot running may provide greater sensory feedback from having a barefoot in contact with the ground. Injuries often assoc

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