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Body Composition Assessments

How do body composition assessment work? 

With the aid of world class technology developed in Japan, we are able to provide an accurate and detailed body composition assessment based on the use of bioelectrical impedance (BIA). BIA measures the impedance (resistance) to the signal as it travels through the water that is found in muscle and fat. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold. The greater the amount of water in a person’s body, the easier it is for the current to pass through it. The more fat a person has, the more resistance to the current.






What are the benefits of understanding what my body composition is? 


This technology comes available to anyone seeing a dietitian. Body composition assessment using the BIA method is not only a great motivational tool, but also a more accurate way to assess a person’s health, as opposed to just using the Body Mass Index (BMI). Weight gain may not necessarily mean a gain in fat mass. Conversely, weight loss may not also necessarily mean fat loss.

So what are you waiting for??

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