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It is a big problem for us: 

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, with 1 in 3 of all deaths being related to the disease

Over 4 million Australians (1 in 6) are currently living with heart disease

33% of Australians are at risk of developing heart disease

What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease describes conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels of body. Blood vessels often have a buildup of fatty deposits increased risk of blood clots. Cardiovascular disease is a “slow burn” as you do not necessarily experience any symptoms until the disease has progressed.


Research, medications, education, exercise and other treatments are working as deaths due to this disease is in decline.


The good news! Cardiovascular disease is preventable.

90% of Australians have 1 modifiable risk factor, and 64% of Australians have 3 risk factors in which they can reduce their risk of developing a cardiovascular-related disease. As Exercise Physiologist we look at modificable risk factors: ​

  • Smoking status

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Waist circumference and body mass index

  • Nutrition

  • Alcohol intake


How does our WA Health Group Exercise Physiologist help you prevent and manage cardiovascular disease? 

Healthy decisions can be made to reduce the risk of developing/progrssion of this disease. 

We help clients of our group achieve: 

  • Regular enjoable exercise

  • Follow a healthy diet 

  • Maintaining a health weight 

  • Reduce drinking and smoking 

  • Manage stress

  • Develop dood sleep habits

We know how hard it is to make healthy choices and maintain your exercise in the long term. WA Health Group's team is here for you! The first step to happier and healthier life is to see our Exercise Physiology team.

What type of exercise is best?

Aerobic exercise that helps to increase our heart rate (walking, jogging, cycling, swimming) in conjunction with resistance exercise (a gym program incorporating weight training) is the best form of exercise to either manage or help reduce the risk of developing such diseases.


Exercise Recommendation: 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on most or preferably every day of the week.


If you have any questions regarding your cardiovascular disease risk or would like to manage your current heart health, then our friendly Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists or Dieticians can help form an effective treatment program.

Alex Montauban Perth Exercise Physiologist.jpg

Hi! My name is Alex and I'm a Exercise Physiologist at WA Health Group,  and I enjoy help client's make exercise fun and part of their life. I'd love to see how Exercise Physiology can help your painful shoulder.

To make an appointment, give us a call on 6162 2616 or book online.

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