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Dance Physiotherapy

Empowering dancers - Celebrating art

Image by Kazuo ota

Dance is a rigorous physical pursuit that often exposes individuals to pain and injuries. We understand dancers complete large volume of rehearsals, class, performances on top of an already busy life. Thus this special type of athlete requires special attention. 


We work with you to plan out the journey to recovery in a way that empowers you and is mindful of your artistic pursuits. We also understand that a physio with personal dance experience makes all the difference. So we are pleased to say that this branch of WA Heath Group was made for Perth dancers by Perth dancers. 

Dance Injury Rehabilitation

  • Assessing all injuries/pain reported by the dancer and screen for sinister pathologies 

  • Perform hands-on treatment such as massage and joint mobilisation 

  • Craft exercise programs for the dancer to complete in the clinic or at the dance studio. 

  • Provide support to the school/studio with information sessions or workshops

  • Plan out appropriate loading for ongoing dance training

  • Advocate for the dancer in multidisciplinary meetings and consultations with other medical professionals. 

  • With consent, communicate the needs of the dancer with their dance school/studio

Dance Injury Prevention

  • Provide personalised exercise programs that meet the needs of the dancer. 

  • Conduct regular 1:1 and group conditioning classes in the clinic

  • Educate the dancers about how to monitor for injury contributors e.g. poor sleep, poor nutrition.

  • Progress the dancer to incorporate supplemental strength training as required.

  • Stay up to date with current literature in the world of dance medicine and science

  • Liaise with other world leading professionals in the area

Dancer Foot Health

  • Perform pre-pointe assessments 

  • Provide foot and ankle specific strengthening programs

  • Provide thorough podiatry assessments specific to a dancers' needs. 

  • Screen for sinister pathologies of the foot and ankle

  • Offer therapeutic products for the maintenance of foot health

  • Work with our Dance Podiatrists to optimise foot performance

Nutritional Support

  • ​Provide assessments that match the dancers energy requirements with food intake

  • Encourage healthy eating for all types of dancers

  • Work with families to reinforce positive relationships with food in the home

  • Have open discussions about the nature of eating disorders and connect patients with extra support and services if required

  • Work with our experienced Dietitians to optimise nutrition and hydration

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Emphasise that the joy of dancing is not reserved for one type of dancer

  • Connect dancers with psychologists specialising in performing artists. 

  • Coordinate care with mental health experts

  • Have clear and open discussions about the nature of body image issues, body dysmorphia, disordered eating and performance anxiety. 

  • Align dancers with organisations who would provide extra support for special presentations

Coach and Dancer Education

  • Provide 1:1 education on personal dance related problems

  • Deliver customised educational workshops at dance studios and in our clinic

How we help...

At WA Health Group we offer a multidisciplinary approach to supporting Perth's dancers. Our team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, Dietitians and Remedial Massage Therapists are all located in the one Perth centre. 

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