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STOP Ingrown Toenails

Using a nail clipper incorrectly left you with painful toes or an infection? 

STOP the dreaded ingrown toe nail. 

Use the STOP method developed by our Podiatrists

Ingrowing toenails occur when the corner of your nail pierces the adjacent skin. This can lead to pain, inflammation and even infection. Discomfort and pain in your feet can STOP you from doing the things that you love doing. STOP this from happening by following these simple steps to STOP ingrown toenails from disrupting your daily activities.

Follow STOP to prevent painful toe nails: 

Straight across 


Over the skin


Stop living with a painful nail.

The first step is to come in and see a Podiatrist in Canning Vale.

We have after-hours appointments and HICAPS claiming for your convenience. 

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