Online Exercising 

Home Health Care That Brings The Exercise Specialist To You

Want to exercise but need guidance and support about what exercises will best suit your needs?


Are you currently under COVID-19  self-isolation or quarantining? 

We understand it is a tough time.

Although important, this unfortunately leads to people not being able to seek help from their local health professionals to either stay healthy and keep active, or to receive management for their chronic conditions through the use of exercise.


We are committed to continuing to provide expert advice, exercise and treatments to everyone in need in the comfort of their own home via a series of online platforms. 


Using smart technology to help improve the client experience and outcomes WA Health Group Exercise Physiology team are here to deliver an individualised exercise programming via a digital platform; walking you through all your exercises and being able to monitor and assist you from the comfort of your home.


A home-based exercise program which will be delivered to you as a series of video instructions via PhysiApp

We can remotely monitor your progress and feedback, allowing us to provide you with support in the comfort of your own home.

We offer:

Appointments for pain, injury and chronic disease management.

One to one exercise training sessions (general fitness).

One to one support and home exercise development and review sessions.

How do I organise at home? 

Book an online consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists

  • For more information talk directly to our team at WAHG, we will provide you with more details of what you will specifically need. 

We will send you an email and when its time for you appointment.

Just click on the link in the email and follow prompts,

all in the comfort of your home. 

Generally, the important things that you will need at home:

  • a computer or mobile device

  • an integrated or external microphone

  • an integrated or external camera 

  • strong reliable internet connection 

Benefits of telehealth 

  • Easy access to experts where ever you are.

  • Provide support, reassurance with ongoing monitoring of your program

  • Ensure your personal data is safe and secure, that's easy to use and is effective. 

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 Home Workout Series

Keeping up your physical activity is vital! To help support our members of the  community during this tough time we have developed home based exercise programs to help support your immune system but also your mental and physical health.

Both video and printable options available.