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Contoured Pillow

The Contoured pillow provides cervical support while sleeping and is designed to help maintain correct cervical alignment. The pillow has both a high side and a low side so it can be reversed to accommodate individual needs. Available in two sizes and two densities.

Ortho Ankle Stabiliser


  • Lace up design for a snug and customised fit

  • Non-elastic

  • Figure of 8 straps lock the heel to resist inversion and eversion

  • Elastic closure strap locks in tied laces and stabilising straps

  • Universal design - fits left or right ankle


  • Helps support and stabilise the ankle

  • Resists ankle inversion and eversion

  • Use as a prophylactic ankle support or to help treat injured ankles



  • Mild to Moderate Ankle Sprain; and

  • Ankle Instability

  • Recurrent Ankle Sprain

Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

These forearm crutches have an ergonomic shaped handle to help distribute the pressure more evenly across the hand. The cuff provides a secure fitting to the forearm and they are adjustable between cuff and handle and handle and ground.


  • Max user weight is 127kg

  • Product weight is 715g (each)


Optional Accessories:

  • Crutch Tip for Standard Ergonomic Crutches

Scholl Orthoheel Thongs

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WA Health Group - Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift is giving someone a WA Health Group gift voucher. Available for Remedial Massage Services, Gymnasium and Classing, and general purchase.

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