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Pain? So what! Your Goals Direct Treatment

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

As a Physiotherapist we see a wide range of patients from elite athletes to grandmas who love the chat.

Our job as your Physiotherapist is to help you to the best of our ability; this includes listening closely to your problem, assessing you and forming a treatment plan.

I often disgruntle clients when they attend an appointment and complain principally of pain. This doesn’t help me. We need to understand why this is affecting you?

Our treatment plans are formulated with your goals as top priority.

As a patient you need to discuss your problem and history with your Physiotherapist, this makes it clear what your goals of treatment are. After this discussion only then can your Physiotherapist recommend the necessary treatment course.

Often Physiotherapists miss the point and offer treatment without understanding your goals.

At WA Health Group we listen and our treatment plans are clear.

By listening we understand your problem and your goals. This allows us as Physiotherapists to best help you.

Book in today, so we can listen to you and help you.

WA Health Group

Canning Vale Clinic : 6162 2616

Hilton Clinic: 61614091

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