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“Whats that coloured stuff?” – Kinesio Taping

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Over the past few weeks, many of our patients have been asking us just this.

The answer is: kinesiology taping.

Kinesiology Taping uses a coloured tape with “stretchy” qualities to assist with decreasing swelling in acute injuries, and stimulate or inhibit muscle contractions depending on how it is applied. Kinesiology taping is used extensively in the sporting population, seen at the elite level in the NBA and Grand Slam Tennis, however can be used on all age groups and injuries. Kinesiology taping is also water proof so it ideal of swimming, triathlons and outdoor activities.

At WA Health Group we stock Rocktape and K-Tape. We have been getting some very good results with using these on our patients, and they love the colours.

Kinesio tape is available for purchase from our clinic. We recommend you book in for an assessment prior to using the tape to ensure you are using it correctly.

Make an appointment today to have your injuries assessed, and why not try kinesiology tape and see how it works for you. Book an appointment today with one of our professional physiotherapists. Our clinics are located in Canning Vale and Hilton, Western Australia.


Coming soon – taping demonstrations by our physiotherapy team.

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