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The 5 Most Essential Tips For Managing Pain

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Tips for reducing pain by understanding it

1) Work out why are you in pain

How did you hurt yourself? Knowing why you are feeling a painful sensation helps your body understand it better, reducing its severity.

(A young child wakes up in excruciating pain in his ankle; his mother reminds him he hurt his ankle the previous day, his pain settles soon after)

2) Stop continually hurting yourself!

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the right amount of time to rest. Work out what is aggravating your pain and stop doing it

(A builder with left sided back pain continually wears his heavy tool bag on his left hip, reducing the weight in his bag fixes his back in 1 week)

3) Do things that change the pain or make it feel better

Use heat or ice, stretch or change the set up.

(Office worker notices a painful right shoulder when using her computer. Moving her mouse closer to her body fixes her shoulder pain)

4) Distract yourself from the pain

Go for a walk, meditate have a warm bath.

(Grandma hurt her back moving a large pot plant, she finds resting on the couch makes it worse and going for a walk makes it 80% better)

5) Seek Advice from Qualified Professionals

Pain is often complex, consulting with a qualified Physiotherapist regarding your pain helps you answer the above questions and helps with a speedy recovery

Clever patient calls 6162 2616 or 61614091 to see a WA Health Group Physiotherapist, by doing so patient hops on a one-way elevator to a happy pain free life.....

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