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Stay injury free for the whole season – Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Assessment

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Injuries in sport are often preventable if an athlete is screened using the Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Questionnaire and Assessment.

Sports such as AFL, perform this assessment on their players on a weekly basis. This allows for impairments to be identified and managed prior to presenting themselves in the form of an injury, and long periods on the sidelines. Conditions such as osteitis pubis and hamstring strains are preventable if an athlete is screened and subsequently managed correctly.

At WA Health Group, our physiotherapists will assess your musculoskeletal system using this assessment tool, with close questioning about previous and current injuries, and training volume followed by physical testing. Following your assessment, you will be given home exercises and stretches which will help address your impairments.

We are happy to visit you local sporting club if you would like to know any further information about physiotherapy and how we can prevent injuries within your club.

Book in today to see one of our highly skilled physiotherapist and our sports dietitian. We are located in Hilton, WA, conveniently located 7 min from the centre of Fremantle. Call 6161 4091 or email

We are providing this assessment as part of our City to Surf Running Program.

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