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Watching FIFA world cup? Warm up like the stars

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

With the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil just around the corner, players have spent hours with their physiotherapists, sports doctors and sport scientists perfecting their warm up to allow peak performance come game day.

How good is your warm up? An adequate warm helps to prevent injuries in sport, including soccer.

What should you include in your warm up routine? Here’s an interesting article with videos of exercises that have been endorsed by FIFA, soccer’s governing body.

These exercises will help you be fully prepared for your match. If you’re a player or coach please share this valuable resource with your team to help prevent injuries this season.

Contact our team of physiotherapists at WA Health Group if you have any questions about your warm up or injury rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in managing athletes.

We are located in Hilton, WA, 7 min drive from Fremantle. Call 6161 4091 or email

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