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Not just “growing pains” – Adolescent Knee Pain

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Adolescence is a key developmental phase involving transition from a child to an adult. A large number of injuries occur during adolescences especially in sporty kids. Injuries specific to adolescent athletes include –osteochondrosis, avulsions fractures, scoliosis, growth plate injuries andScheurmanns disease.

A common injury to the knee joint is os good schlatters disease (OGS) or jumper’s knee. The exact cause of OGS is unknown with various possible theories as to why the patella tendon can be a source of pain. Management of jumper’s knee includes off loading of the knee joint and tendon, load and growth monitoring, and addressing biomechanics issues contributing to the front of the knee pain.

Physiotherapists manage young athletes by performing knee joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, taping techniques to the foot and knee joint, and home exercises aimed to improve biomechanics of movement.

Physiotherapists at WA Health Group are well equipped to manage adolescent pain. Why not book in today for an assessment, and stop dismissing your knee pain as growing pains. Call today, 6161 4091 or email We are located in Hilton, WA within a short drive from the Fremantle. Free parking available.

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