Meal Replacement Shakes

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

With winter coming to an end in a few days’ time and summer just around the corner, many people turn to meal replacement shakes to shed a few kilos. Before you decide to swap your morning cereal for a liquid breakfast have a read through the following information to see if meal replacement shakes are the best option for you.

What are meal replacement shakes?

The two main types

  • Partial meal replacement: Replace 1-2 of your daily meals

  • Total meal replacement or Very-Low Calorie Diet (VLCD): All meals replaced. Commonly used for overweight/obese individuals and prior to surgery

Portion-controlled ‘meals’ that assist with weight loss by reducing your calorie intake that are available in supermarkets and pharmacies in a variety of formulations including shakes, soups and bars.

Meal replacement shakes are not protein shakes.

Do they work?

Yes, meal replacement shakes do work for most people. The reasons for their effectiveness are due to:

  • Significant reduction in energy intake – Contain 800-900 kilojoules (190-215 calories). Total daily calorie intake is usually around 4000-5000 kilojoules (1000 calories)