6 Food Label Claims You Need To Understand

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Do food labels cause you an endless amount of confusion? Do all the claims and numbers make it difficult for you to decide which product is best for you and your family?

To help you decipher all the claims made on food packaging I have summarised 6 of the most common food label claims and what they actually mean! Read on to find out more.

97% Fat Free

This would have to be one of the most common and widely misunderstood food label claims. For people looking to drop a few kilos, the words “fat free” are a huge draw card. “97% fat free” means the product contains 3% fat, however it does not necessarily mean it is low in fat and therefore the healthiest option. Foods with 3% or less fat are the only products legally allowed to make this claim. Hence, you will also see 98% and 99% fat-free products gracing your supermarket shelves.

Takeaway points: “Fat-free” does not necessarily mean healthy. The product, although fat-free, may be laden with sugar, which is not going to help an individual in their quest to shed a few kilos.

Low Fat