Healthy Takeaway Options

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Takeaway has a common place among many families due to long work hours, busy schedules and a lack of time to prepare meals. People find ordering takeaway or dining out a quicker and easier option. While takeaway foods tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt, there are some healthier alternatives that aren’t going to hurt your waistline too much. Read on to learn more.


They are readily accessible and not really where you would expect to find people who wanted to be healthy, but McDonald’s has been making an effort to offer healthier alternatives that will leave you feeling less guilty for stepping under the golden arches.

Seared Chicken Tandoori Roll

Angus burgers with all the salad and no cheese

Meal combo: Opt for a side salad instead of fries + water instead of coke


KFC has not embraced the inclusion of healthier alternatives to the same extent as other fast food outlets, however there are still a couple of options should this be all that is on offer.

Original Recipe Fillet burger

Instead of chips, opt for a small portion of coleslaw and plain dinner roll

Hungry Jacks

Unlike McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks has followed suit in the healthy alternatives department. Here are a couple of options to consider.

Whopper Junior Burger with salad, no cheese

For children, the Smart Picks Kids Meal is a healthier option with a hamburger, water and rice bar

Instead of having a burger and chips, opt for a filling side salad

Red Rooster

With roasted chicken as the main feature in their menu, Red Rooster is better than most. They also have a range of healthy sides to accompany your meal instead of greasy fries, which makes it a little easier to find something without your daily caloric intake going through the roof.

Salad and Roast Chicken roll without the mayo

Classic Chicken Salad with balsamic dressing

The Classic Roast is a quarter roasted chicken with sides of carrot, pumpkin, potato, peas and gravy. Try to avoid the chicken skin and gravy. This meal could also be shared to reduce portion size


Generally considered the healthiest option, the biggest downfall with Subway is the majority of meals are served on bread. For someone aiming to reduce their carbohydrate intake this is not great. There are some breads that are definitely better than others.

The 6-inch honey oat or multigrain bread with roasted chicken is a great lower fat option, provided you are not too heavy handed with the cheese and dressing

Subway salad bowl, which eliminates the presence of bread.

Always choose lean meats and plenty of salad


So it’s Friday night and your friends want to order in pizza. You have been eating healthy all week and don’t want it to all go to waste. Don’t worry, there are some healthy options available.

Opt for a thin crust, chicken or seafood, and add plenty of vegetables to fill you up

The Good Choice range also has some delicious options that have a lower calorie content compared to the traditional options


One of the healthier options, however it is still important to watch your portions of rice and salt. Sushi and sashimi are both low in fat and calories and are generally well portions. TO accompany, choose seaweed salad, brown rice, salmon, tuna and vegetables.

Only add a small amount of soy sauce.

Avoid anything with the word ‘tempura’


A very popular choice not only for taste but also because it generally provides leftovers for the next day. Here are a couple of things to consider when making meal choices.

Most steamed meals are going to be a better options than fried or deep-fried choices. For example, a steamed whole fish, steamed rice and pak choi (Chinese cabbage) is a nutritionally balanced meal.

Steamed dumplings, soups and stir-fries with plenty of vegetables, chicken, beef or prawns is a healthy option

Starter options include noodle or vegetable-based soups (eg. Chow mein, chop suey) and steamed buns or wontons

Dishes to avoid include anything deep fried (eg. Spring rolls, prawn crackers) and dishes drowned in sweet, rich sauces. These are likely to be high in fat, sugar and salt


Generally quite a healthy options, however there are still a few things you need to watch out for.

A Thai Beef salad is a great option as it contains lean beef, steamed noodles and plenty of salad. This means it is likely to be lower in fat, high in fibre to keep you full and of course tasty.

Jungle curries, salads and soups, and stir-fry meals, with plain vegetables, fresh tofu or prawns are also suitable options

Once again, like Chinese, be aware of sweet sauces.


Slowly becoming a more common choice among families. Here are some ways to stay healthy with Mexican cuisine.

Naked Burrito, includes the meat and salad but without the tortilla, thereby reducing the carbohydrate content

Vegetarian burrito with no rice to lower the carbohydrates

Choose soft tacos over hard tacos and be sure to pile in the salad and beans


A very carbohydrate dense cuisine, however also a very popular option for many. The important point is to be smart with your choices and mindful of your portions.

Choose tomato-based sauces over creamy-based ones (eg. Marinara, napolitana, bolognaise). Select a dish with plenty of vegetables

Other options include minestrone soup, vegetarian pizza

When ordering pizza, ask for a thin crust, tomato-based sauce, chicken or seafood plus plenty of vegetables

Swap garlic bread for a side salad


Known for their curries, Indian cuisine is full of flavour, however some curries pack more punch in the nutrition department than others in terms of unexpected surprises. Read on to make sure you select a healthy Indian option.

Avoid fried meats. Tandoori chicken or lamb pieces are a great option

Grilled chicken tikka skewers, yoghurt-based dishes, dry curries (eg. Vindaloo, madras) and vegetable/lentil dahl soups are also healthy options

Choose oven-baked or grilled ingredients, plain steamed rice

Choose side dish of roti bread over naan bread


A mix of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in the form of burgers, pies and fish & chips. There are a few things to keep in mind when eating out.

Choose barbecued or grilled meats, skinless chicken, grilled fish paired with a fresh salad or steamed vegetables

Try a bun-less burger to lower the carbohydrate content and overall calories

If fish and chips is a family favourite, opt for grilled fish over battered, and select a green salad with the dressing on the side instead of the chips.

Well there you have it! You should now be that little bit more informed as to some healthier options when eating out or ordering in. One point to remember is that takeaway is an ‘extra’ food, therefore should only be consumed in moderation or as a treat. Should you get stuck this post will help you make a healthy choice!

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