WA Health Group Advent Calendar

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

This time of year is always the most challenging to stick your health and fitness goals. Multiple Christmas lunches, celebratory drinks or parties arise and your routine can quickly go out the window. But remember, life is a balance! It is possible to celebrate and be merry at Christmas time, without undoing all your hard work. We have created our own Advent Calendar to help keep your goals on track; so instead of eating a chocolate everyday refer to the date and keep yourself motivated this festive season!

Dec 1st: Drink plenty of water. This will decrease your chances of over eating.

Dec 2nd: Utilise the beautiful summer weather! Organise catch ups with friends and family outdoors for a game of soccer or lawn bowls in the afternoon sun or go walking around the river.

Dec 3rd: Pre plan your exercise schedule ahead of time around your social activities.

Dec 4th: Book your exercise into your schedule like you would a Christmas party.

Dec 5th: Make that Christmas shopping exercise! Deliberately chose shops that are in different areas of the shopping centre so you get those steps up for the day.