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What causes obesity?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

This is an age old question that sounds pretty straight forward and simple to answer, when in actual fact, it being due to many factors in nature, has caused it to be one of the toughest questions to be answered. If it were as easy as cutting out the fat or the sugar, or going on a fad diet, the issue wouldn’t exist in the first place. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, in 2011-12, 62.8% of Australians aged 18 years and over were overweight or obese, comprised of 35.3% overweight and 27.5% obese. Just focusing on obese rates, this figure has gone up from 18.7% in 1995, just over a decade ago. This has led to the increase in fad diets and theories that however does not have the backing of scientific facts. What statistics does show is that we, in Australia, are consuming on an average more than 200 calories per day (in 2011), compared to back in 1995. So how have we become this way?

Meal time distractions

It is more than likely that we are now consuming more and more caloric dense foods. Also, with the advent of technology, more and more of us are now seen glued to the screens (Television, ipads, iphones, tablets etc) during meal times.

How does this affect our behaviour towards food? Gone are the days of catching up with family members at the dinner table and appreciating the meal. Mindful eating plays a huge role in combating obesity in the individual. Instead of making technology work for us, it is now doing us a disfavor as seen by our increasing waistline.

Exercise? What exercise? Rather sit at home and watch the television with my surround sound systems and wide flat screen LCD TV. Technology has also achieved another milestone by bringing us closer to one another. Why bother running over to my friend’s place 2 blocks away when I could just skype her, or better still, Facebook stalk her?? Social Media plays a large part of our lives in today’s society, hence the large number of us addicted to our phones, ipads, and little tablets. Did I say little? Phones that used to be as big as my coffee mug in 1995 are now as small as my coin purse!

So here it is…… Reduced physical activity, increasing lack of mindfulness (awareness) during eating resulting in larger portions at meals are just 2 of the many examples of how we may have pushed that obesity figure higher up than it used to be. Other examples may include an increase consumption in highly processed foods (ie High GI foods), that does not keep us full enough to the next meal, resulting in increased snacking.

Having a balanced diet does not require a massive amount of time or money to achieve. Our dietitian is equip with the knowledge and skills to help you manage your dietary intake with the goal of achieving a healthier you through..

1) Mindful eating tips

2) Portion control at meals

3) Healthy food choices and cooking methods

4) Healthy snack options

So, with that said, let us all take a step back and reflect on how our eating habits and behaviors around the lack of physical activities may be improved. Instead of making technology work against you, why not let it work FOR you? If not for a healthier you, at least for the rest of your family?

Ready to make an appointment with our dietitian? Call (08) 6162 2616 or make an ONLINE BOOKING Today!

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