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Neck Pain? Try Remedial Massage

One of the most common issues people seek out massage for is pain in their neck and upper back. With more people spending most of their time seated or bending over their phones in their downtime, more stress is being placed on the muscles of the upper back and neck than ever before.

Did you know that the average human head weighs about five kilograms? The force that your neck muscles have to contend with increases the further forward your head leans, meaning that your neck muscles are trying to counteract up to 27 kilograms of force just to keep your head up! With so much strain being placed on these muscles in day-to-day life, it is little wonder that the number of people with neck pain is increasing.

Some common complaints patients present with include headaches, pain between their shoulder blades, or between the neck and shoulders. While painkillers can mask the symptoms, the pain is likely to keep recurring unless the root cause is addressed. Luckily, massage can help!

What can I expect from a massage appointment for my neck pain?

Your appointment will begin with a thorough assessment of your symptoms as well as the range and quality of your movement to determine which muscles are involved in your pain.

Your treatment will generally involve massage of your entire back, and then deeper, more focused pressure in your areas of pain. Your leading Canning Vale Remedial Massage Therapists may employ other techniques such as trigger pointing (or neuromuscular technique), or use tools such as cups or dry needles to assist in relieving muscular tension. Your therapist may also recommend that you complete stretches or mobility exercises at home to help prevent your pain recurring.

When treating neck and upper back pain, your Remedial Massage Therapist will often also treat the muscles at the front of your neck that are working hard to keep your head upright. Holistic treatment of both the front and back of your neck can help to reduce muscular tension, allowing for the reduction of pain as well as an increased ability to move your neck the way you want to!

If you have been struggling with persistent upper back and neck pain, book an appointment with a member of our Remedial Massage team at the Queensgate centre today!

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