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Why you should be doing prehab for your ACL rupture

Yes it takes a big time and financial commitment

But it's worth it right? If it gives you a fighting chance of getting back to playing sport and being active, it's worth it!
You've already committed 9-12 months to exercise, rehab and following all the guidelines so that you can return to running, and playing sport for the long term.

And why? Well, it means you won't lose muscle mass as fast, you'll regain muscle strength, power and balance more rapidly, and you'll learn the correct technique prior to completing it on a sore swollen knee.

Give your self the best chance of returning to sport, returning to work, and living an active lifestyle. 

Are you getting an ACL reconstruction?

Or maybe you know someone who is and will be helping them on their journey. Well there’s good news and bad news with regards to ACL reconstruction. 

Let’s start with the bad news. 

Your ACL reconstruction rehabilitation will be long and it requires a big time commitment. There will be ups and downs as recovery is rarely linear. And if you aren’t able to commit to the rigorous rehab or if the rehab is of poor quality, we know that only 20% get back to playing sport after 2 years!


But now for the good news.

If you ARE able to complete a high quality rehabilitation program we know that 80% DO get back to sport within 2 years post reconstruction!

Now, what is part of high quality rehabilitation? Quite a lot! But one of the simplest ways of improving your odds is PREHAB!

All the evidence we have points to prehab improving your odds substantially for returning to sport. 


So what is prehabilitation? Prehab means delaying your surgery for 6-12 weeks and achieving 4 goals:

Goal 1: Don’t let knee pain be a bane, reduce inflammation and it won’t remain

Going into surgery with a red hot swollen knee is a recipe for disaster. The verdict is out, the research has been done, and early surgery should generally not be done!

Goal 2: You can’t go wrong getting strong

Once that swelling has gone down, you need to focus on getting some strength back into those twigs! We know that strength is essential for your recovery and the more you have beforehand, the better you can accelerate out of surgery.

Goals 3: A wobbly leg is no way to go, regain your balance and take control!

Just listen to the rhyme and all will be fine!

Goal 4: Learn to move well, and your knee will be swell :)

Often after injury, you will adopt poor movement patterns which load your knee excessively. Our goal is to have you walking normally, and moving well. With enough time you’ll also want to prelearn all of the key rehabilitation movements like squats, lunges, and for those high achievers even basic jumping.


Here at WA Health group we run multiple prehabilitation classes. 

These are run by our therapists with a special interest in ACL rehab and are based on the latest evidence. Led and directed by our sports physiotherapy team we aim to provide the highest level of rehabilitation for our clients and ensure that you have the best possible chance of returning to your sport and performing at your best!


So, what are you waiting for? Book in with our team to get started with some prehabilitation.

Reuben Fox Physio Canning Vale.JPG

Reuben Fox 

Senior APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist 

"Hi, I'm Reuben and I am a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist here at WA Health Group at the Queensgate Centre. I work with clients with knee pain in all stages of life who may be experiencing pain, and unable to participate in sport. I'd love to see how Physiotherapy can help you".


To make an appointment, give us a call on 6162 2616 or book online.

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