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Know you need to start exercising but don't know where to begin?

Struggling to keep healthy habits or unsure what exercise will be beneficial?

We help clients start and stay exercising to manage their health.

It sounds simple - start exercising! But... Why aren't we moving?


We all make excuses when it comes  to exercise - we are all "busy," have no "no time," and will "start tomorrow!"  What we know is consistency is where most clients fail - unable to keep up with exercise binges and fad diets. Factors like injury, recent surgery and treatment and not knowing where to start play a big role. You just need a little help, and that's were our Exercise Physiologist can help.

It doesn't matter how unfit you are, how limited your movement is or what your goals are, we can help put you on the right track. Find out how to exercise which is just right for you! 


How does seeing an Exercise Physiologist help your condition? 

How do I get started? What is the first step? 


We hear you - the first step is to come in and see our amazing team of Exercise Physiologists. Our Exercise Physiologists take a full medical history and examination, and review any medical tests you have completed. We take pride in setting SMART goals with our clients, and a specific exercise treatment plan to achieve your goal. What are you waiting for? Come in and see us today. We have training packages and onsite gym memberships to make this process even easier. 

We have appointments available 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and Saturday morning 8am to 12pm to ensure we can find a time that suits you! Book online, give us a call or email your query through to us.

Interested in starting our group exercise classes

We have great Exercise Physiologist lead exercise classes for seniors, and clients with osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer.

Start Your Exercise Journey Today!

Exercise Options 

Supervised Training

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Group Exercise 

Exercise Options.png

Home or Gym Exercise Programs

Exercise Options.png

Telehealth Exercise Consults

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How to get started?

Medical History

Exercise Options.png

Functional Assessment

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Treatment Planning

Exercise Options.png

Exercise Prescription

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It is never too late to start! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our health group. 

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My Exercise Physiologist.jpg
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