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Access our health experts using telehealth technology!

An online session between yourself and a therapist is the answer! 

What to expect from a video consultation?

Quite simply, video consultations are exactly that... Using video calls to access our team's expertise so you are happier and healthier.


Video consultations are safe and of high value to treat a wide variety of health problems, being equally effective as face to face. Online consultations are perfect for follow up appointments when you can't make it into the clinic to see our team. 

We help you by diagnosing your condition through a thorough interview and assessment. Using video, we assess your injury by observing your movement, flexibility, patterns of movement and much more. This provides the necessary information to confirm your diagnosis, and treat you via video consultation. 


Online consultations can be set up on your laptop, computer, ipad/tablet device or mobile phone. Like in the clinic – we complete a thorough history to gain a full understanding of your condition; we then modify our assessment by talking you through it.

How do I book a video consultation? 

You can easily book online, by calling reception or send us an email.

We can assist many conditions with video consultations (but not all). Some may require a more thorough in room assessment to determine the best course of management. If you have any questions please contact us