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" Are you concerned that your posture is the cause of your lower back pain?" 

From our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Samy Boutros

Many of my clients often complain that “they have the worst posture” or “their back pain is caused by their bad posture.”


Research performed at Curtin University here in Perth has helped to disprove the myth that posture, whether “good” or “bad”, is the root cause of back pain!


The spine is an amazing structure that helps us bend, lift, crawl, twist and is designed to move and take load on a regular basis. Surely such an amazing structure can tolerate periods of slouching and bending without causing damage. This study shows that sitting or standing in a slouched posture had no correlation with developing pain. And highlights that the best posture is probably your next posture. 


What we need to focus on is encouraging safe and relaxed movement through the spine, building strength and confidence in the spine by loading the spine in meaningful ways. As Physiotherapists we are experts in managing lower back and neck pain. 


Do you think your posture is contributing to your back pain? Have a read of the article and if you need help on how to get moving safely book in to see Samy and the physio team at WA Health Group in Canning Vale and Murdoch. 

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