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Your child experiencing heel pain? 

Repetitive stress from running, jumping and other high-impact activities may cause pain and inflammation in this growth area of the heel. Your child may be experiencing Sever's disease - also known as calcaneal apophysitis. Sever's disease involves inflammation of the growth plate on the back of your child's ankle on the heel bone. As your child matures, their growth plates will close and be replaced with solid bone. 

What symptoms should I look for if my child has Sever's?

Symptoms of Sever's are variable depending on the stage of the disease. Your child may experience: 

  • Heel pain during sport, especially those that requires running or jumping 

  • Worsening of pain after exercise 

  • Limping - often in the morning or during/after sport

  • Mild swelling at the heel

  • Tendency to tip toe

  • Tends to be more comfortable in footwear with higher heel raise

How can a Podiatrist help my child? 

Our Podiatrist can diagnose Sever's or any other condition that is causing your child pain. Treatment for the condition includes:

  • How to manage symptoms and flare ups

  • Recommendations for over the counter medications that can assist 

  • Modification to activity and training loads to allow the heel to settle

  • Footwear advice and orthotics to help absorb impact and relieve stress on the heel and ankle

  • An assessment of your child's running and jumping and recommendation to improve form  

Our Podiatry team have after school appointments for your convenience.


The first step to managing your child's foot health is to see our team for treatment.