Samy Boutros - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy); Master of Manual Therapy (UWA), APAM

General Manager

Samy is a Curtin University trained Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who has been providing clients with quality musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy since 2010. In addition to his clinical experience, Samy has received postgraduate qualifications in Manual Therapy from the University of Western Australia (UWA) along with further training in joint mobilisation and manipulation, sports rehabilitation and dry needling.

Samy is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist recognising his advanced skill in managing musculoskeletal pain. Samy enjoys treating patients with spinal conditions.  

Samy uses the most up to date medical research when formulating a treatment plan for his patients to achieve pain relief in the shorts period of time and exercise to prevent further episodes of pain. Samy has a keen interest in treating low back injuries, postural neck pain and headaches.

Outside of work, Samy is found catching waves down south or in search of the perfect cup of coffee.


Casey Melville - Senior Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Casey has extensive experience and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

Casey’s clinical interest lies in treating women through all stages of life, to offer support and guidance during pregnancy, the post-natal period and any other hurdles later in life. Casey’s training in Women’s Health and Continence allows her to comprehensively assess and treat pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, bladder urgency and frequency, and pelvic organ prolapse, as well as common issues including abdominal separation and pelvic pain.

Casey has a passion for empowering women to live their life to the fullest, and will individually personalise a management plan to help you achieve your goals!

Outside of work and studying, Casey enjoys staying active in her free time with running, pilates and attending the gym, catching up with friends or relaxing with a coffee and a good book to read!

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Issac Campbell - Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Issac will join our group in 2022


Jacob Millar – Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Jacob is a Curtin University graduate and loves helping people who want to get active. Jacob has played football all his life and naturally this drew him to pursue a career in sports Physiotherapy. Jacob enjoys helping clients with sporting injuries get back on the field, and strives to give his clients preventative exercises to have them performing at their best once again. 


What Jacob enjoys most about being a Physiotherapist is the ability to apply the most up to date scientific research to help clients reach their goals and lead happier, more productive lives.  


Jacob has a keen interest in sporting injuries, especially rehabilitation for ankle and knee injuries.


When not helping clients Jacob enjoys playing  footy for the Jandakot Jets Senior Football Club, four-wheel driving up north, camping and body boarding in Lancelin.


Jacob is available after hours until 7pm and Saturday mornings so can see you between work and school.


Reuben Fox - Senior Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Reuben knows first hand how simple and clear advice can help!


Reuben was left inspired after seeing his local Physiotherapist when months of knee pain resolved, and saw him return to playing division 1 cricket and tennis. This resulted in him pursuing Physiotherapy studies, and instilled a belief that long term improvement is achieved simply with better knowledge, habits, and exercise. Reuben focuses on helping his clients by giving them a clear treatment plan after the first session, developing healthy habits with actionable steps, education, and hands on therapy, so that they can get on with living a happier and healthier life!


Originally from Canberra (don't hold that against him!) he graduated from the University of Canberra in 2014. He has a particular interest in acute knee injuries in adolescents and young adults, recurrent lower back injuries, using Mulligan's technique for meniscal injuries and persistent lower back pain, and strength and conditioning in athletes and those interested in improving their performance on the field. Reuben believes in lifelong learning which led him to complete his Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy at Curtin University. He is currently involved in research on chronic pain conditions in young adults which has given him the tools to help them return to hobbies, sports, and work. On weekends he likes to stay active with running, cycling, tennis, gym, and rock climbing. 



Christina Correia - Physiotherapist & Exercise Scientist

BSc (Physiotherapy) 

Christina has a strong desire to help people achieve their goals and be at their best. As a Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist Christina enjoys being part of her clients journey from an injury or set back to leading a healthier life. Christina has had her own experiences with injury sustaining an ACL rupture and understands personally what it takes to rehabilitate an injury. 


Christina loves her health and fitness, so naturally she is drawn to treating sporting injuries. Christina has special interest in solving complex problems relating to the lower back and shoulders. Christina has over 10 years of experience coaching Netball, and has been involved with the Melville Football Club and Perth Glory Football Club. 


Christina is passionate about Physiotherapy and her goals are focused toward getting her clients back doing the things they love. Christina helps her clients by providing short term pain relief through manual therapy and strives towards long term management through exercise and establishing healthier habits.  


When not at WA Health Group Christina loves doing CrossFit, Olympic lifting, relaxing at the beach and hanging out with her adorable nieces and nephews.


Christina is available to see clients at our Canning Vale clinic at the Queensgate Centre. Click here to book online or give us a call.



Lara Koay - Senior Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy) 

Lara loves the reward of seeing clients grow to a new level of appreciation of their amazing human body as they journey through their injury recovery and return to their loved sport and hobbies. Lara has been working as a Physiotherapist for nearly 20 years, working in Perth and Sydney and brings great experience to our team. 


In her younger years, Lara trained as a competitive gymnast. Lara’s highlight of success included achieving the state champion title representing WA. The downside to intensive competitive training were injuries she had to overcome but on the upside lead her to pursuing university training in Physiotherapy. 


Lara completed her formal training at UWA studying Exercise Science and Curtin University studying a Masters of Physiotherapy. Lara continued her education completing a Rehabilitation Pilates Diploma and Women’s Health Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction course.


Lara brings to WA Health Group her years of experience in helping clients. Together with a passion to educate clients about their injury and reach their clinical and rehabilitation goals Lara aims to consistently provide high quality client-orientated care. Lara sees clients with musculoskeletal injuries (E.g sports, orthopaedic, low back and neck pain) and enjoys assisting women through their life span with their health. 


As a mother Lara, has minimal spare time, but she loves making time to cook different cuisines, read, get a massage, run, do her own Pilates and flexibility training.  Lara loves to spend family time with her husband and two daughters aged 9 years and 15 years old and often go indoor rock climbing, hiking, going to the beach and snorkelling.


Lara is available everyday at WA Health Group. The first step is to schedule an appointment to see Lara at a time convenient to you.


Joel Kenny - Physiotherapist 

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Joel studied his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Curtin University, with a goal to work in a musculoskeletal private practice. He grew up in Kalgoorlie, playing many sports including basketball, hockey, cricket, volleyball and touch rugby.


After suffering through some injuries on the sporting field, Joel was exposed to the world of Physiotherapy. He became very interested in following it as a career path. He is very passionate about helping people to keep up their sport, and normal daily activities without being hindered by their injuries or pain.


Joel has experience in the sporting arena, being a trainer for the WAFL and AFL umpires, the Northern Territory under 16s state basketball championship team, as well as being a consulting Physiotherapist for amateur Australian Rules football teams and Premier Grade rugby teams. Joel enjoys treating sporting injuries, as well as other life-limiting aches and pains - he particularly enjoys treating the ankle, knee, and neck, but has experience treating a wide variety of areas and injuries. He believes in a holistic approach to treatment, where the patient feels educated about their condition, and can walk away feeling heard, understood and empowered to improve their situation.


Outside of work, Joel is a passionate Eagles supporter (but will treat Dockers fans too!), loves watching and playing sport, working on his fitness, spending time with friends and adventuring outdoors. If you are looking for a friendly, personable Physiotherapist, who will work with you to get on top of your injuries, as well as improve your lifestyle and health – Joel is keen to help you out! With a wide spread of hours throughout the week, including early morning, after-hours, and Saturday mornings, Joel is there when you need him most!


Lennon Correia - APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist 

BSc (Physiotherapy); Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports Physiotherapy) APAM MACP GAICD

Managing Director

Lennon is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist recognising his advanced expertise and experience in the field of sports physiotherapy. Lennon is local to Perth completing his undergraduate training at Curtin University in 2008 and Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports Major) in 2016. 

A treatment with Lennon involves accurate diagnosis and a clear plan to return to sport in the shortest possible time. Lennon uses manual therapy, home exercise and modifications to training to rehabilitate both elite athletes and weekend warriors. 

Lennon has worked at a number of locations throughout Perth including Cockburn Central, Leeming, Riverton and Hilton. Lennon spent the 2011-2013 seasons with the South Fremantle Bullodogs in the WAFL and in 2015 assisted AFL Indigenous Programs throughout the country. Lennon is the proud club sponsor of the Canning Vale Cougars Junior Footbal Club. 

When Lennon is not helping his patients, he enjoys keeping active playing social basketball, participating in charity fun runs and attending group exercise.  


Chris Carr  - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy); Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Manipulative Therapy Major) APAM


Chris is a trained Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist having graduated from Curtin in 2016 with a Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy. Chris has been treating patients since 2008 where he completed his undergraduate training at Curtin University. Chris received titling from the Australian Physiotherapy Association recognising his advanced management skills of patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain.


Chris is a caring, knowledge and professional physiotherapist. He is passionate about treating patients to empower them to achieve the best results possible. A treatment with Chris involves an accurate diagnosis, and formulation of a clear treatment plan to return his patients to the best quality of life. Chris uses his skills in manual therapy, manipulation, exercise and dry needling or acupuncture to relieve symptoms.  


Chris has worked at St John of God Murdoch and The Mount Hospital with extensive experience in post operative orthopaedic care, with post operative care both here and in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Chris has completed research in workplace ergonomics using motion capture technology. He has worked with manual workers investigating postures and the prevalence of pain in the workplace.


Outside of work Chris is a keen sportsman, he plays Tennis at Manning Tennis Club and is a proud Club Sponsor.

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