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What is Tinea Pedis? 
Tinea pedis, also known as Athlete’s foot is an infection due to dermatophyte fungus.

How do you contract fungal infection?
Fungi thrive in warm, moist environments. This infection is spread by spores, which can often survive in harsh conditions. Typically, it is contracted from stagnant water in the showers of public pools and gyms. Other risk factors include occlusive footwear, excessive sweating, underlying immunodeficiency, or immunosuppressive medications.

What are the signs of tinea?

  • Different fungi can present in different ways. Some of these are:

  • White, maceration in between the toes

  • Small vesicles or blisters on the soles of the feet

  • Red rash patches with dry, peeling or scaling skin on the soles

  • Itching

Treatment of Tinea

The most effective way of treating tinea is to keep the skin dry and clean and treat the infection with a broad-spectrum topical antifungal. People with the tendency for sweaty skin are more likely to have recurrent episodes of infection.

  • Use antifungal treatment as directed.

  •  Wear cotton or wool blended socks, change to clean socks daily. Change socks half-way through the day if feet tend to sweat more.

  • Use an antifungal washing powder to wash socks. Washing your socks, bedding and towels in water that is 60°C or higher may also help.

  • Put shoes outside in direct sunlight and apply antifungal spray to reduce chances of further transmission.

  • Wear well-ventilated shoes and alternate pairs of shoes to give each pair time to dry after each use. Get rid of really old shoes.

  • Use Kondi’s crystals (Potassium permanganate), put enough crystals into a basin of water to turn the water pink. Do not put too much on it as it will stain your feet. Soak feet after school/work for 5-10 minutes, daily for the 1st week and then every 2nd/3rd day for the following week. Repeat as necessary. 

  •  Avoid the spread of infection by cleaning bathrooms well, not sharing towels and wearing thongs in public showers.

  • Do not share socks, shoes or towels with others.

  • Dry in between toes thoroughly after shower. Powder or surgical spirit can be effective in reducing moisture.

  • Reduce excessive sweating using deodorant/antiperspirant on your feet.

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