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Ankle or foot pain stopping you from doing the things you love? 

Do you need footwear advice to keep you moving at home, work and sport? 

Do your have nails or skin that needs treatment?

Then look no further than our university-trained Podiatry team with over 20 years combined experience. They are experts in all things feet! 

Our Podiatrists can help you by diagnosing your condition and skills to provide lasting treatment for your problem.

Learn more about the different treatment areas:

What is Sports Podiatry?

We know that many injuries can be caused by your feet and ankles. 

That’s why at WA Health Group we have a Sports Podiatrist working with our Sports Physios to support you to be at your healthiest and happiest. 

At WA Health Group we take pride in providing care to active clients of all ages, from ballet dancers, to marathon runners to trail walkers. We have you covered for all your sporting needs. 

We are proud to introduce to you our NEW sports podiatrists so we can help you with all your sporting related injuries. 

So what is sports podiatry? And how can it help? 


Sports Podiatrists specialise in diagnosing and treating the disorders of the foot, ankle and lower limb. We focus on injuries, mechanics and performance of your body to keep you and your family fit and active.

A consultation with a Sports Podiatrist involves treatment of your injury, and an individualised rehabilitation program for you to return to sport and prevent future ankle and foot problems. 

We look at you while you run, hop, skip and jump in our on site rehabilitation gym. A comprehensive assessment allows us to create a treatment plan just for you, and share with you the steps we need to take to get you back doing the sport you love. 

The first step is to come in to see our Podiatry team. Don’t forget your comfy shorts and your footwear so we can assess the whole of you and understand how we alleviate your pain and get you performing at your best!

Sports Podiaty

What is Family Podiatry?

Podiatry is an area of allied health that assesses and treats pathologies related to the lower leg, foot and ankle. In the current society we are seeing an increase in faster paced lifestyles, which means we are constantly on our feet. It is important to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to do the things we love. When problems with your feet arise, we at the WAHG are here to help.

Podiatry is a field in medicine involved in the diagnosis and management of the lower limb, especially the foot and ankle.

Family/general podiatry encompasses the widest scope of podiatry practice covering topics in nail pathologies, diabetic screenings, plantar warts, general skin care, etc.

Here at WAHG, we are passionate about providing you the best! An initial appointment with our podiatrist involves an in-depth medical history examination, diagnosis of your issue/complaint, treatment of said issue/complaint and a plan moving forward.

We are fully equipped to complete regular diabetic foot screenings, treat symptomatic skin pathologies such as corns, calluses and cracked heels, provide appropriate foot care advice and even alleviate your painful ingrown toenail.

Whether you have an ongoing podiatric issue, require general podiatric advice, or have a child or family member with a complaint, our well experienced Podiatrists are here to help you every step of the way.


Family Podiatry

Nail Surgery

What is nail surgery?

Do you suffer from recurring painful ingrown toenail(s)? Nail surgery is a procedure to permanently treat recurring an ingrown toenail.


Do I need nail surgery if I have an ingrown toenail?

Not all ingrowing toenail(s) will require nail surgery. Our experienced podiatrists will evaluate the condition of your toe and weight out the benefits of it. Where possible, they will remove the protruding nail without the need for nail surgery

A partial nail avulsion is a minor nail procedure which aims to permanently treat ingrown toenails.  The procedure is usually performed in podiatrists rooms, takes around one hour and the patient is able to walk immediately afterwards.

What does a partial nail avulsion involve?

Your podiatrist will conduct a complete assessment, taking a medical history, a list of any medications that have been prescribed for you as well as considering any other clinical factors that will determine whether or not this surgery is suited to you.  An assessment will generally also include an examination of blood supply to the foot. 


The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthetic via injection in the toe to numb the area.  The anaesthetic will wear off in about 2 hours. Once numb a tight elastic ring called a tourniquet is applied to the toe to control bleeding and the area is prepped to minimise the risk of infection. The offending portion of the nail is then lifted and trimmed away, generally without the toe being cut or stitched.  Both sides and the entire nail may be removed this way.  A chemical may also be used at this point to assist in preventing nail regrowth.

Once the procedure is completed, the tourniquet is removed and a sterile surgical dressing is applied.  You are able to walk immediately afterwards, however assistance getting home is strongly recommended.

What happens after the procedure?

Re-dressings at home and a review consultation with your podiatrist may be required over the two to three weeks following the procedure.  For the first few days after the procedure pain relief, and the use of open toed shoes may be necessary, however interference with day to day activities is generally minimal.

Stop living in pain!

The first step is to come in and see a professional. 

We have after-hours appointments and HICAPS claiming for your convenience. 

Nail Surgery

Our Podiatry Locations


Queensgate Centre

Suite 7, Level 1, 2 Queensgate Drive Canning Vale WA 6155


Farrington Centre

8/170 Murdoch Drive Murdoch WA 6150

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