Podiatry Services

Podiatrists are university trained allied health professionals who are experts when it comes to the foot and ankle. 

Our Podiatrists have studied the foot and ankle at university level for years, and have attended countless courses to enhance their ability to diagnose and treat your feet.

Our Podiatry Services include the following:

  • Biomechanical examination of the lower limb – from hips to toes

  • Gait analysis – to assess the way you walk relating to your foot problem

  • Foot orthoses (or orthotics) – assessment, advice, 3D foot scanning, prescription

  • Footwear advice & education

  • Paediatric foot assessment & treatment– toddlers to teenagers; in/out-toeing, “growing pains”, pain while playing sport

  • Dry needling for muscular/tendon problems- from knees to toes

  • Diabetic foot assessment, education & treatment

  • Vascular & neurological assessments of the foot & ankle

  • Nail & skin treatment, including nail surgery

Common Foot Conditions:

  • Sports injuries – ankle sprains, ankle instability, fractures, dislocations, acute or chronic pain of the foot or ankle

  • Overuse/repetitive injuries – standing or walking for long periods; may be work-related

  • Heel pain – “plantar fasciitis”, generalised plantar heel pain

  • Forefoot  (“ball of foot”) pain

  • Arch pain – may be related to “high arch” or “low arch”

  • Back of heel and/or Achilles tendon pain/problems

  • Pain that may be related to “turning in” or “turning out” of the foot

  • Ingrown toenail(s)

  • Bunions, hammer toes, bony prominences

  • Tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot or foot fungus)

  • Plantar verrucas (warts)

  • Onychomycosis (fungal nails)

  • Onychogryphosis (thickened nails)

  • Calluses, corns, cracks, fissures