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At WA Health Group we have a highly experienced team of Sports Physiotherapists.


If you have any of the following issues our team can help:

Acute Sport Injury

  • Sprained ankle

  • Calf strain

  • Hamstring strain

  • Meniscus tear

  • ACL injury

  • Athletic groin pain

  • ITB friction syndrome

  • Low back injury

  • Shoulder dislocation

  • Thrower’s elbow

  • Wrist sprain

  • Concussion

Chronic Sport Injury

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendinopathy

  • Shin splints

  • Patella tendinitis

  • Knee osteoarthritis

  • Hip injury

  • Chronic low back pain

  • Rotator cuff pain

  • Shoulder bursitis

  • Growing pains

Post Surgical Recovery

  • Moonboot fitting

  • Ankle stabilisation

  • ACL reconstruction

  • Meniscectomy

  • Shoulder stabilisation

  • Bicep tendon repair

  • Fracture rehabilitation



​Sports physiotherapy is a specialised form of physiotherapy that helps athletes and active individuals recover from injuries and improve their performance. Our experienced physiotherapists use a combination of techniques, including exercise, manual therapy, and modalities, to help patients achieve their goals.


Whether you're a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who wants to stay active, sports physiotherapy can help you. Some of the benefits of sports physiotherapy include:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation

  • Improving range of motion and flexibility

  • Strengthening muscles and improving balance

  • Enhancing performance and preventing future injuries


At WA Health Group, we offer a wide range of sports physiotherapy services, including:

  • Injury assessment and management

  • Rehabilitation and conditioning programs

  • Performance enhancement

  • Biomechanical analysis

  • Return to sport and work program

  • Injury prevention

Don’t let your injury dictate your success.

Take the first step today!

Recovery from Injury

Physiotherapy is essential to formulate an accurate diagnosis and begin your recovery from injury

  • Subjective and objective assessment of the injury

  • Discussion of structures involved and degree of injury

  • Advice on initial management

    • Anti-inflammatory modalities

    • Braces/walking aid prescription

  • Manual therapy

  • Prescription of home exercise program

  • Achieve your goals!

When can I get back to playing?


Physiotherapy helps! Return to sport discussions should begin from your first appointment with your Physiotherapist

  • Exercise based rehabilitation

  • Key performance indicators based on the most recent evidence

Don’t let injury stop you doing the things you love!

Book a Sports Physiotherapy appointment.

For more information on how a Sports Physiotherapist appointment can help you, please call us on 08 6162 2616 or email


Jacob Millar

BSc (Physiotherapy)

Hi, my name is Jacob Millar, one of the Physiotherapists here at WA Health Group. I have a keen interest in treating sporting injuries across all walks of life. I am currently studying my Masters in Sports Physiotherapy to continue to enhance my knowledge to give my patients the best care possible. I have experience working as a Physiotherapist in elite level football and cricket to apply experience gained working with athletes to my patients in the clinic.

Jacob Millar Physio
Christina Correia Physio

Christina Correia

BSc (Physiotherapy) Bsc (Exercise Sport Science and Rehabilitation)


Hi, I am Christina Correia and I am a Physiotherapist at WA Health Group with a keen interest in sporting injuries. Studying my masters will ensure I have the most up to date research. With my vast experience in strength and conditioning, coaching and in various sports I would love to help you through your sports rehabilitation journey. From diagnosis to performance - Together let’s get you playing your best!

Lennon Correia

BSc (Physiotherapy); Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports Physiotherapy) APAM MACP GAICD

Managing Director

Hi, I am Lennon Correia an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist recognised for advanced expertise and experience in the field of Sports Physiotherapy. I am local to Perth completing my undergraduate training at Curtin University in 2008 and Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports Major) in 2016.

A treatment with Lennon involves accurate diagnosis and a clear plan to return to sport in the shortest possible time. Lennon uses manual therapy, home exercise and modifications to training to rehabilitate both elite athletes and weekend warriors.


Lennon spent the 2011-2013 seasons with the South Fremantle Bullodogs in the WAFL and in 2015 assisted AFL Indigenous Programs throughout the country. Lennon is the proud club sponsor of the Canning Vale Cougars Junior Football Club.

Caitlin Richards Physio Canning Vale Murdoch.jpg

Caitlin Richards

BSc (Physiotherapy) 


Hi, my name is Caitlin Richards and I am a Physiotherapist at WA Health Group with a keen interest in sporting injuries. Whilst in the process of studying my Masters of Physiotherapy, I will be using the most up to date research to help you manage your injuries and get you back to your sport sooner. I enjoy working with all types of athletes, in particular soccer players, endurance athletes and volleyballers. I look forward to meeting you, finding out your goals and discussing how I can work with you to settle any niggles or injuries, and level up your sports performance. 

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