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Move Through Cancer

Exercise for Cancer

Ongoing research has shown strong evidence that exercise plays an important role in the prevention of cancer and is a safe and effective strategy to counteract many of the negative physical and psychological effects of cancer and its treatment.

Why should I exercise during my cancer journey? 

  • Decrease cancer related fatigue.

  • Reduced side effects from treatments.

  • Preservation of function and quality of life.

  • Increase tolerance to cancer therapies.

  • Decrease risk of cancer recurrence and mortality.

  • Minimise loss of bone strength 

We help people through their cancer journey at many different stages. 

During Therapies
Post Surgery Recovery 
Post Treatments
Quality of Life

What type of exercise?

A tailored exercise regimen is important for everyone depending on their cancer type and current cancer treatment cycle. Patients-driven goals and general and cancer- specific health issues impact exercise decisions.

There is no set prescription or amount of exercise that would be seen as evidence-based for all cancer patients. Most exercise programs will include a mix of aerobic and resistance type exercises, and each session should be adjusted based on how the person is feeling on certain days. 

Why you should see an accredited exercise physiologist ? 

Everyone’s treatment program and background is different, which means the exercise program needs to be unique as well. The very best way to know what type of exercise to do is to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, as they’re the experts in exercise prescription.


We have an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who provides support, explains which type of exercise is most appropriate, motivates and oversees progress throughout the recovery journey. Their knowledge helps people achieve all their fitness goals, like a personal cheerleader.

Exercise Options 

Supervised Training

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Group Exercise 

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Home or Gym Exercise Programs

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Telehealth Exercise Consults

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How to get started?

Medical History

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Functional Assessment

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Treatment Planning

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Exercise Prescription

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Start Your Exercise Journey Today!
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