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Exercise Physiology Classes

Struggling to exercise?

Attending our supervised classes ensures your exercise safely. 

Have fun at our social exercise groups.

We have group exercises classes that suit you! 

Cancer Class


Move Through Cancer 

Exercises in a safe and supportive environment that helps empower people to manage their own physical activity during their journey through cancer. 

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Building Strong Bones

Exercises in a safe and supportive environment improving bone health reducing falls risk with progressive resistance, weight bearing and balance exercises.

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Diabetes Class

What's Your Type?

This class incorporates a combination of strength and aerobic based exercises to help improve overall health and manage your diabetes.

Seniors Functional Strength 


Build Strength 

Seniors FSG involves a progressive 12-week strengthening program, aimed at building muscle and strength, facilitating weight loss, and improving quality of life.

This program is suitable for those between the ages of 65-85, who want to challenge themselves with various strength based exercises.


Active Ageing Class

Move More, Age better

Exercises in a safe and supportive environment to improve functional strength, mobility and flexibility, balance, along with improving overall health and fitness.

Mums and Bubs Post Natal Recovery Class 01.jpg

Mums and Bubs Post Natal Classes

Our Mums & Bubs Classes are built for you both, no need to find care or fit in a class between naps and feeds. Just bring your new bub and get started.

Why Choose An Exercise Physiologist Over A Personal Trainer?

​Exercise Physiologists are university trained on using Exercise to manage your health! Much life medications and surgery, we get you exercising safely, correctly and for the right amount of time so you achieve your goals! We are training in: 

  • Pre exercise testing for safety 

  • Exercising smart not hard 

  • Preventing progress of chronic disease

  • Behavioural change

  • Flare up and set back management plans 



It is never too late to start! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our group. ​

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