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WA Health Group Culture Day May 2023

At WA Health Group, we pride ourselves on having a fantastic team and workplace culture.


Our team recently came together from across all three of our clinic spaces to celebrate this and to strengthen our understanding of our company values.

Work team building days often get a bad rap.


People say they are boring or awkward, but not at WA Health Group! Our Culture Day was held in the middle of a Friday so everyone was already in a great mood.


This was only improved with our first activity - “Mingle Bingo”. Murdoch Clinic Manager Lara sourced fun facts from our staff and Admin superstar Issy put them all into an adorable bingo board. The aim of the game was to match the fact to the teammate and to check off a row and a column the fastest. This game certainly helped us to learn some unexpected things about each other - did you know that Senior Physiotherapist Reuben was once shunned by President Obama’s Secret Service? Or that Exercise Physiologist Maddy’s parents told her that she was born on Friday the 13th… but were wrong?


Next time you are in the clinic ask around and see if you can figure out who among us prefers sauce on their roast and who ran a successful egg business when they were fourteen!

IMG_7138 (1).jpg
IMG_3540 (1).jpg

Mingle Bingo in full swing!!


Once the ice was well and truly broken, it was time to hear from our Director Chris who is back in Perth for the first time in three years - thank you, COVID… A lot of new staff have started since Chris moved to Ireland, so this was a great chance for Chris to reintroduce himself to everyone and give some insight into his journey from physiotherapy student to starting a clinic in partnership with Managing Director Lennon to overseeing the expansion of WA Health Group from overseas.


After a very interesting talk from Chris, General Manager Samy stepped up to the plate to announce that it was time to let our inner artists shine. The staff split up into eight groups and were each given a canvas and the task of representing one of our eight values: caring, passion, innovation, forward thinking, high value, outcome based, collaborative, giving back, and family. Some of these values are quite abstract concepts that are difficult to represent on paper, so our team members had to put their thinking caps on! After working on our own canvases for a while, we were instructed to switch canvases with a team nearby and complete their drawing in the spirit of collaboration.

Getting creative at Culture Day!


'After some very interesting presentations to the group about how each team chose to represent their given value, it was time to solve the final puzzle of the day. The eight canvases had parts of letters on them and fit together to spell out a word. After some trial and error (and discovering two canvases had been drawn on upside down), we discovered that our individual artworks came together to form a single masterpiece around the word “TRIBE”. This word is very fitting of the family environment our team has built at WA Health Group

PXL_20230512_045836155 (1).jpg

WA Health Group’s masterpiece

In such a busy company, it is rare that so many clinical and administrative staff members are able to come together and spend a few hours away from the day-to-day work of the clinic. Days like this are so important for renewing our focus on our company values and fostering a great team environment so that we can all enjoy coming to work and give our best to the patients who trust us with their health. We hope that when you come into WA Health Group, you feel that we really do live these values and provide you with the best possible care. From our tribe to yours, we can’t wait to see you next time you visit any of our clinics!

PXL_20230512_045500340 (1).jpg
Gillian Remedial Massage Canning Vale Photo.jpg

Thank you to Gillian Hackwill from WA Health Group for this capturing our fun day together in this article!

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