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With all the physical changes your body undergoes throughout pregnancy, it is no surprise that expecting mothers can feel tired, sore, and uncomfortable!

Massage is a safe, effective treatment that can help ease this discomfort, especially when there are a number of pain medications that women are advised to avoid taking while pregnant.

Many pregnant women experience tightness in their back, neck, or shoulders and massage can address this muscular tension whilst also improving circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing swelling, and improving your quality of sleep.

Making space for self-care in this exciting and challenging time can help you develop techniques for managing pain and stress going forwards. We can also teach you some self-massage techniques you can use at home!


Massage practised by a qualified massage therapist is safe and effective throughout all stages of pregnancy however Pregnancy massage is very gentle due to increased laxity in the mother’s ligaments due to hormonal changes.


At WA Health Group, we take the extra precaution of avoiding deep pressure throughout a patient’s pregnancy. We adapt the massage to ensure optimum comfort for the mother throughout all stages of pregnancy.


During the early stages of pregnancy, you may be able to still lay flat on the table. However, as the pregnancy progresses, we recommend you use our specially designed pregnancy pillow to lay face down, or else lay on your side to support your abdomen.


We do not recommend laying on your back during the later stages of pregnancy as this may place too much pressure on the vein that runs from your legs to your heart. Your Remedial Massage Therapist will ensure you are safe, comfortable, and well-supported throughout your treatment.

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Is Remedial Massage safe for pregnant women?


Short answer is: YES!

Massage can help relieve some of the tension and pain experienced throughout pregnancy. It can be especially useful to ease discomfort at a time when you can't use particular medicines. Pregnancy massages tend to be on the gentler side.

We use a softer pressure with pregnancy massage due to the tenderness of ligaments with great therapeutic effects. Massages can reduce stress, reduce swelling in the arms and legs and relieve muscle and joint pain in pregnant women. 

We have a specially designed pregnancy pillow for the mother to lay face down, however some find that uncomfortable so we instruct them to lay on their side instead.  It is not a good idea to lie flat while in the second half of pregnancy since as it may put too much pressure on the vein that runs from your legs to your heart. 

We highly recommend a full body 60 minute massage to receive the best value! Book in today to see your leading Pregnancy Massage Therapists.

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