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Physiotherapy Group Classes

Physio Gym Class

Physio Gym is for everyone!


Whether you need rehabilitation from an injury, wanting to prevent future injury or just exercise! These individualised classes use a combination of resistance training, Reformer work, cardio machines and body weight exercises to achieve your goals. 


An initial consultation with a Physiotherapist is required prior to booking into a class in order to tailor an exercise program that suit your needs.

Run by a Physiotherapist

Falls Prevention Exercise Class

Designed for patients who are at risk of falls, have poor balance, and have difficulty with mobility. Scientific research shows balance classes prevent falls from occurring. 

The class focuses on balance, strength and range of motion to improve your mobility functions. Patients will receive education throughout the session, and are given a home exercise program to provide optimum care.

Run By A Physiotherapst

Reformer Exercise & Rehab Class

Run by a physiotherapist using our fully equipped gymnasium with reformers, weights, mats and fit balls.

This individualised classes encompasses body and postural awareness, control, strength and balance exercise, specific to each participant. 


With focus on performing exercises from a stable lumbar-pelvic region, to promote optimal movement control by correcting muscle imbalances.  

Pre-Requisites:  A prior one-on-one personal assessment, via a Physiotherapy consultation, for prescription of an appropriate exercise program.

Run By A Physiotherapist

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Exercise Physiology Group Classes

Osteoporosis Class

This class is suitable for individuals who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

The class focuses on improving bone density and reducing risk of falls; with balance, weight bearing and resistance exercise.

Run by an Exercise Physiologist

Diabetes Exercise Class (Type 2)

This class is offered to private Type 2 Diabetes patients, as well as those with a GP Management Plan.

This class incorporates a combination of strength and aerobic exercise to help manage your diabetes.

Run by an Exercise Physiologist

Active Seniors Class

This class is suitable for participants aged 50+, with great benefits.

The class focuses on improving bone density, functional strength, balance, mobility and flexibility, along with improving fitness.

Run by an Exercise Physiologist

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