The Great Yoghurt Debate

I have found over the past few weeks that every other person has been asking which yoghurt they should be choosing. As a staple food in most fridges and with hundreds of brands and varieties to choose from at the super markets it’s no wonder there are so much uncertainty. While looking at yoghurt there are many aspects to consider: sugar, fat, protein and calcium content… and taste! Three serves of dairy is recommended by the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines for adults to ensure you get all the nutrition you need. Ideally yoghurt should be a good source of protein and calcium while keeping the fat and sugar content down. As yoghurt varieties have different processing methods some are nat

Should I start glucosamine for my arthritis?

The treatment of osteoarthritis requires a team-based approach between your physiotherapist, doctor and specialist to direct you on the best course of treatment for your hip and knee pain. Commonly pain killers (Panadol, Panadol Osteo, Panamax) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltarin, Nurofen, Mobic, Celebrex) are used to assist with pain and inflammation to settle an arthritic joint. Drugs which actually modify the condition of osteoarthritis are increasingly being sourced for example, glucosamine and chondroitin. Annually global sales of these products have created a multi billion-dollar industry. Glucosamine is used to make up for the loss of cartilage and chondroitin to provi

Exercise: Its role in fighting fatigue with cancer

Cancer is defined as abnormal cell growths that multiply without control. It’s a word that no one wants to hear, in any context. But with more than 120,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed yearly, there’s a high probability that it has affected someone very close to you, or someone you know. And having watched those people go through cancer, and the intense treatment that goes with it, or go through it yourself; you’d know the side effects they had to endure and how it affected their lives and also those around them. . These harsh treatments take a huge toll on the human body, leaving behind many side effects that can last for months, or years after treatment. Just some of these include immun

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