How to use Crutches

How to use Crutches If you sustain a serious lower limb injury you may be asked by your doctor, surgeon or physiotherapist to use crutches. Using crutches for the first time can be difficult, not just with walking but also getting up from sitting to standing. It is important to know the safest and best way to use your crutches to ensure that you don’t put yourself at risk of further injury and here is how: Moving from sitting to standing: Sit upright on the edge of the chair Place both crutches in the hand on the same side as the injured side and make a “H” shape with the crutches. Have the opposite hand on the chair Push up with the uninjured leg, the hand on the bed and the hand on the cru

Wednesday night physio at Jetts Canning Vale

Now that we’re settled in to our new Physiotherapy Clinic in Canning Vale, it is time to meet the neighbours! Some of our WA Health Group physiotherapy team will be heading down to Jetts in Canning Vale on June 10th between 5-7pm to chat to gym members and provide advice and information. If you’re in the area or already a member, drop on by the gym to see our physios hard at work and get some great information and advice. Click to book online now

Canning Vale Gymnasium Up & Running !

Exciting times for our Canning Vale Physiotherapy team with the arrival of our dedicated cardio equipment, all set up and ready for use! With a great view out to the park opposite our clinic, our physio team will assist you with your strength and rehabilitation progress. We’ve got more physio and pilates gear on the way, we’ll have an update soon!

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