My Marathon Experience

About 10 months ago at a friend’s engagement party over a couple of champagnes I somehow got dragged into a pinkie-promise between three of us to each complete our first Marathon this year! Thus began my journey to Melbourne Marathon 2014. So how did I prepare myself for the 42.195 km I was going to run on October the 12th 2014? Making the decision to participate at the very end of February I had seven and a half months, which I broke down into monthly increments so that the task ahead didn’t seem so daunting. Training: Having a reasonable base line fitness and completing a 90 km bike ride as part of a team at the Busselton Half Ironman in May 2014 meant that the first half of the year was

No time to exercise? You need these insider tips!

Exercise can sometimes be an overwhelming thought for people. Our recommended physical activity guidelines increase as we become more of a sedentary nation. Statistics continue to show and prove that the less we move our body, the higher risk we have of almost every chronic disease. And yet still, peoples feet seem to stay still. Below are some tips to help you kick the habits, educate you on exercise and your everyday life and inspire you to beat the every growing odds. What is physical activity and what is sedentary behaviour? Physical activity is any activity that gets your body moving, makes your breathing become quicker and your heart beat faster. You can be physically active in many di

Not just “growing pains” – Adolescent Knee Pain

Adolescence is a key developmental phase involving transition from a child to an adult. A large number of injuries occur during adolescences especially in sporty kids. Injuries specific to adolescent athletes include –osteochondrosis, avulsions fractures, scoliosis, growth plate injuries andScheurmanns disease. A common injury to the knee joint is os good schlatters disease (OGS) or jumper’s knee. The exact cause of OGS is unknown with various possible theories as to why the patella tendon can be a source of pain. Management of jumper’s knee includes off loading of the knee joint and tendon, load and growth monitoring, and addressing biomechanics issues contributing to the front of the knee

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