FIFA’s Winning Recipe: Nutrition

Whether you play soccer, basketball, rugby, AFL or netball… all team sports have different nutrition requirements. It is vital to consume the right protein, carbohydrates and hydration, at the right time, to fuel your body for successful training, performance and recovery. If it’s soccer that you’re into, click on the links below for FIFA’s Winners’ Strategies on: Energy needs Hydration Preparing for Competition: the pre-match meal Supplements If you are seeking further nutrition advice on soccer or any sport, book an appointment with our Dietitian at WA Health Group. We are located in Hilton, WA, 7 minute drive from Fremantle. Call 6161 4091 or email

Painful muscle cramps? Simple and easy tips to help.

A muscle cramp is a painful uncontrollable spasm or twitching of muscle tissue for a few seconds to minutes. Common areas of cramp are the calf and foot, but can affect the whole body. RISK FACTORS There are no clear risk factors for developing cramp, however research suggest dehydration, mineral and electrolyte imbalances, muscle fatigue, poor physical conditioning, exercising in extreme environments and inflexible muscles may cause cramp. Cramps are usually harmless, but may by symptomatic of underlying reduced blood supply (atherosclerosis), lower back pain, and side effects of medications (diuretics). TREATMENT Stretching and massage are used by physiotherapists to lengthen the cramping

Cervicogenic headache

WHAT IS IT? Cervicogenic headache refers to headache that originates from the neck and it is one of the most common types of headaches amongst others such as tension headaches and migraines. HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? Cervicogenic headache usually occurs when there are mechanical changes in the upper neck. It is an example of referred pain (pain arising from a distant source). It happens because the nerves supplying the upper neck also supply the skin overlying the head, ears, jaw line, back of the eyes and forehead. WHAT CAUSES IT? Cervicogenic headache can occur when there is a loss of movement in the neck such as in the case of wry neck or when excessive load is place on the these structures thr

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