WA HEALTH GROUP FOOD SCHOOL-Fussy Eating in Kids tackled with the SOS approach

The term ‘fussy eating’ has been around for a long while. What exactly is fussy eating? A child who does not want to eat a variety of foods offered? A child who throws a tantrum at meal times? Or.. A child who just is unable to progress along the usual stages of oral-motor sensory steps to eating? Or a combination of all? ELIGIBILITY Children ages 12 mths and up And ONE or MORE of these.. Ongoing poor weight gain (Failure to thrive/ dipped 2 major centiles on growth chart) Inability to transit to baby food purees by 10 mths old Inability to accept solid table foods by 12 mths old Inability to drink from an open cup by 16mths of age Still on baby food purees by 16mths Aversion or avoidance of

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