What is Pilates and how can it Benefit Me?

Pilates is quickly becoming a popular form of exercise throughout not only Perth’s metropolitan area, but Australia as a whole. Those thinking that it is a new exercise fad whose popularity will fade before long are misinformed. The Pilates method was first established by Joseph Pilates in the late 1920’s and its current prominence in the exercise and rehabilitation industries demonstrate the effectiveness of the method. Joseph Pilates’ unique exercise philosophy integrates mind and body by bringing attention the quality of movement during exercise and everyday life. There are six traditional Pilates principles that are the key focus of the exercise: Centring Concentration Control Precision

Practice what you preach; how our Exercise Physiologist Emma stays active

I am lucky and grew up with an active childhood; this allowed me to form good habits when I was young with enjoying exercise. However this doesn’t always ensure you will remain active as you grow up. I have had ongoing issues with both of my knees since I was 15 years old, which has challenged me mentally and physically many times. So much so, that I ended up having major surgical intervention on my right knee at the end of 2012. I also have struggled with hormonal issues which carry metabolic risks for many years, and have issues with my vision which gives me issues with hand eye co-ordination and depth perception. All of these have challenged my sense of self and physical ability as a deve

A few new toys in our gym…

We’ve taken delivery of a few shiny new pieces of gym equipment to help make our physiotherapy and exercise physiology classes in Canning Vale even better! Looking good!

Physiotherapy Mobility Classes

Thanks Wendy and Jean for being the poster girls of our new Physiotherapy mobility class run on Fridays 1pm with Physiotherapist Daniel Hug. Call 6162 2616 for class info. Please note mobility classes may assist in improving your balance and strength. Share if you know someone who needs to work on their mobility!

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