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Practice what you preach; how our Exercise Physiologist Emma stays active

I am lucky and grew up with an active childhood; this allowed me to form good habits when I was young with enjoying exercise. However this doesn’t always ensure you will remain active as you grow up. I have had ongoing issues with both of my knees since I was 15 years old, which has challenged me mentally and physically many times. So much so, that I ended up having major surgical intervention on my right knee at the end of 2012. I also have struggled with hormonal issues which carry metabolic risks for many years, and have issues with my vision which gives me issues with hand eye co-ordination and depth perception. All of these have challenged my sense of self and physical ability as a developing adult.

But it is learning how to manage your health and having the right health professionals and support system around you, that has allowed me to remain active and do everything I have wanted to do in my life as a young adult. It is easy for me to practice what I preach as an Exercise Physiologist, as I myself have had to go through a full knee rehabilitation process from start to finish, and learn how to manage my modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise to manage my health. I have a full personal and scientific understanding of how making these changes can affect your life in such a positive way. Since recovering from my knee operation, I fell in love with trekking and hiking which coincides with my love for outdoors and nature. Since then, I have completed two of the most well-loved and well known treks in the world; Annapurna Base Camp Trek in Nepal and The Inca Trail, on my most recent holiday to South America in May 2015. I will continue to set goals for myself like these to help keep my mind fresh and my body motivated. It is in goal setting, both short and long term, that will help keep you motivated and give you something positive to both look forward to and strive for. I am now also training for my first City to Surf run in late August this year.


I feel all of my experiences have attributed to helping me develop my understanding and success as an Exercise Physiologist and I continue to push myself every day at being better at what I do. If you have been hesitating to start an exercise program, or need assistance in managing your health problem, give an Exercise Physiologist a try!


Conveniently located in Hilton and now Canningvale, book in to see an Exercise Physiologist today.

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