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Struggling with back pain? A simple guide to fix your problems for good

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

When you want to make a change no matter what that might be, moving to a new role at work, reducing back pain or losing weight, there are a few key points that you should follow.

You might be unaware of most of those points, but the main things you do are plan your change to some extent and then action that plan. The problem is that quite often you don’t get very far with the action phase or even move out of the planning phase, and this is especially true for changes related to your health.

Have you tried to fix your back pain before?

Maybe you have tried a specific stretching program that someone at work swore by, or possibly got a new chair for your office to solve the issue. You may have tried these things but they just didn't work. The issue was not that they weren’t good solutions, it's just they weren’t the right ones for you.

The problem is when this does not work as it should and your issue is not resolved, you stop looking for solutions for your back pain and give up.

Do you have to stop looking for solutions?

Do you really have to live with back pain forever?

If we look for help from the Stages of change, we can vastly expect different results. There are 5 stages of change:

1. Pre contemplation

During this stage you may or may not be aware of your back pain and the issues it is causing in your life. You currently have no intention of making a change.

2. Contemplation

Here you have realised that your back pain is causing you trouble in possibly more areas than one in your life and you know that you need to resolve it. You now have an understanding of what you need to do and are ready to start making preparations.

3. Preparation

For the preparation phase, this is where you start to gather information about your back pain, such as what is causing the issue (back pain when seated at the computer for more than 4 hours). In this phase if you are unsure of where you can find information can always ask for help.

4. Action

Modification of your behaviour occurs in this stage (changing the chair that you sit in at work or taking up some exercise to strengthen your glutes, abdominal and back muscles). This part of your behaviour change relies on your information gathering that occurred in the preparation phase. The better you prepare the more likely you are to achieve the desired outcome.

5. Maintenance

This is a very important part of the process as in this phase we work to prevent relapse from occurring. When you are working towards this stage, motivation and support can be great tools that can help you to stay in this phase and reduce the likelihood of relapse. This phase can last 6 months or more depending on how severe your back pain is.

As an Exercise Physiologist I see people who are in different stages of change, and my goal is to provide them with support and motivation to move to the next stage or give them the advice they are seeking. Guidance from an Exercise Physiologist will not only help you to reduce and get rid of your current back pain but also give you the tools to prevent future occurrences.

At the WA Health Group we provide our clients with a Treatment Management Plan, as this makes it easier for the client to understand what they are dealing with and the steps involved in order to solve their issue or reach their goal.

Can we give you the support that you need to fix your back pain for good?

Don’t leave it until it becomes a major issue!

We can assist in personalising your treatment plan depending on what stage of change you are at, please do not hesitate in contacting us on (08) 6162 2616 or book an initial consultation so we can discuss what you are looking to achieve.

Have you got any questions? Feel free to email me.

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