Struggling with back pain? A simple guide to fix your problems for good

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

When you want to make a change no matter what that might be, moving to a new role at work, reducing back pain or losing weight, there are a few key points that you should follow.

You might be unaware of most of those points, but the main things you do are plan your change to some extent and then action that plan. The problem is that quite often you don’t get very far with the action phase or even move out of the planning phase, and this is especially true for changes related to your health.

Have you tried to fix your back pain before?

Maybe you have tried a specific stretching program that someone at work swore by, or possibly got a new chair for your office to solve the issue. You may have tried these things but they just didn't work. The issue was not that they weren’t good solutions, it's just they weren’t the right ones for you.

The problem is when this does not work as it should and your issue is not resolved, you stop looking for solutions for your back pain and give up.

Do you have to stop looking for solutions?

Do you really have to live with back pain forever?

If we look for help from the Stages of change, we can vastly expect different results. There are 5 stages of change:

1. Pre contemplation